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Our client is a leading contractor for medium to large-sized construction company in Turkey. Unfortunately, the company’s website was shut down and neglected for quite some time. As a result, our client has taken on the challenge of revamping the website to meet today’s modern standards. Their goal is to provide a responsive website that reflects the construction company’s values and services.


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To truly impress their construction company partner, our client intends to surprise them with a brand-new website. They’re committed to delivering a high-quality site showcasing the construction firm’s expertise and accomplishments. Our team is excited to help our client complete this project within the set timeline and budget. We are confident that the construction company will be thrilled with the end result. To start, we initiated extensive research to gather content for the website. We investigated various sources to gain insight into the owner’s life and the company’s history. To give visitors an immersive experience, we collected multiple photographs from news platforms and social media.

Alongside the content development, we created a suitable logo that resonated with the company’s values. Afterward, we began website-building, drawing inspiration from modern construction company websites.

We drew upon the existing color tone used in the company’s branding and chose white, grey, and dark blue hues for the overall tonality of the website. We then incorporated the company’s portfolio of projects, primary goals, vision, and mission (that were taken from a video talk in publicly)


Overall, our exhaustive approach to gathering and presenting information helped us develop a website that successfully captured the company’s essence and conveyed its message to visitors. Our team utilized artificial intelligence to enhance the quality of some of our visuals that required improved resolution. By leveraging these advanced digital tools, we obtained images with superior quality that enabled us to elevate the overall user experience.

To facilitate easy navigation, we designed separate pages for our clients to learn more about our company, explore our portfolio of work, connect with us via our contact page or request a proposal from us. Our portfolio section provides an overview of each project we have completed, accompanied by relevant details, including pricing in some cases. Our most significant project to date involved the construction of a state-of-the-art Criminal Laboratory, which had a total cost of over 25 million dollars.”

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Our team made significant enhancements to the website by incorporating additional features to make it user-friendly and interactive. We included a request for a proposal form and a streamlined email system within the contact section to facilitate easy communication between the company and its clients. Moreover, we configured customized corporate emails featuring the company’s name (e.g., info@example.com) using a third-party mail system.

Our hard work and dedication paid off as we presented the finished product to the client without requiring any further editing. The client was delighted with the final output and trusted us with uploading the website onto their hosting domain. It was a challenging project, but we overcame every hurdle to deliver exceptional work, which impressed the client to such an extent that they expressed a desire to work with us on future projects.

In conclusion, our team’s focused efforts and collaborative approach resulted in a flawless product, reflecting our commitment to providing high-quality services to our clients.

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